Sacrament + Shadows

And we must extinguish the candle, put out the light and

 relight it;

Forever must quench, forever relight the flame.

Therefore we thank Thee for our little light, that is dappled

 with shadow.

- T.S. Eliot

'Sacrament' from the Latin for 'sacred' and the Greek for 'mystery'.

In the faith of my childhood sacraments were looked upon suspiciously as objects or rituals interrupting the light of truth, creating a shadow. Perhaps this is accurate and the ways in which we communicate a sacred story impede our own view of it, but maybe the shadows are part of a larger story - a symbol of our human condition, and our imperfect understanding of the story we're telling. The mystery is that love moves within the shadowed places of our own making, sometimes illuminating them, sometimes leaving us in the dark but always, “God with us”.


Four candles for our family of 4. When one of us needs extra grace we'll light their candle, the flame a symbol of the hope we’ve found in Jesus, the shadow reminding us of our imperfect understanding of this sacred mystery and God, still with us.